Search & Acquisition

Whether you are looking to buy or rent, are open to suggestion or very specific about location and property, we can fill the gaps and take the hard work off your hands. A major part of our role is to ensure that you are confident in the decisions you are making. The process is tailored to your individual needs but will take roughly the following path:

Client Brief

We meet in person to discuss and agree every aspect of your search so that we can understand your objectives and priorities from the start.

Area Orientation

London is a series of interconnected villages. If you are new to the city or just uncertain about location, we will tour different areas and appraise their suitability together. All suggested areas will be pre-qualified to match your needs but the importance of ‘feel’ can’t be underestimated.

Short Listing

We will use our established network to thoroughly scour the area or areas of your choice and view any property that fits the remit. We will then discount less desirable or unsuitable properties on your behalf, creating a shortlist of only the most appropriate and best value options.

Client Viewing

You may fall for the first property we show you, it may take longer to find perfection. We encourage open communication as your feedback is vital in helping us achieve the best result.

Negotiation & Acquisition

We will handle the negotiation on your behalf using all of our experience to ensure the most most favourable terms. The only number you will need is ours. Wherever possible we will deal with all solicitors, surveyors and associated third parties on your behalf in order to progress the deal efficiently.

Preparation & Move-In

From the full renovation of the house to the re-location of your favourite tree, our network of vetted and approved contractors will enable us to ensure that your move is as smooth as possible.