// Why Use Us?

Save Money

Contrary to common belief, instructing a search agent is not just the privilege of the super-rich. We can confidently say that our service pays for itself. Aside from negotiating the lowest possible prices on the property itself, there are many other areas where experience and a good contact base can save you money. Reduced fees from lawyers and surveyors, removal firms and builders to name a few. Our established relationships with trusted service providers will secure you the lowest prices for the best products. In doing our job well our fee will be more than outweighed by the amount that we save you.

Save Time

Most buyers will spend hours pouring over websites and calling estate agents only to find that the properties they are interested in have already sold. When you add the fruitless viewings over weekends and evenings, the investment of time can really stack up. We vet the market and ensure that your viewing time with us is efficient and that all options are available and appropriate. This not only saves you time but also makes the process far more enjoyable.

Get the Best Deal

Negotiation is as much about timing and strategy as it is about nerve and desire. Our independence and experience allows us to remove emotion from the equation and focus on balancing every aspect of the deal to create the most favourable position for our clients.

Access More Property

Many of the best properties sold in London and across the UK never make it to the open market. With an established personal and professional contact base throughout the market, Badgemoor clients have access to a greater amount of higher quality property than they otherwise would if searching independently.


Your business is your own and we endeavour to keep it that way. At Badgemoor we understand the value of privacy and know that London can be a very public place. Wherever possible we can represent you at meetings with estate agents, surveyors, contractors and other third parties. You needn’t even be a name on a page if discretion is what you require.

One Point of Contact

During an average purchase a buyer will deal with between 15 and 20 different service providers. From estate agents to surveyors and lawyers to removal firms it can become a very convoluted and time consuming process. Badgemoor takes all of the contact off your hands by centralising all of this contact and filtering the information on your behalf. The only number you will need is ours.


Badgemoor is not owned by or affiliated to an Estate Agency or Bank. This independence provides total impartiality and thus an ability to choose only the most appropriate properties and services for our clients rather than the most convenient.

Long Term View

Badgemoor has been built on repeat business and referral. We view all of our clients as long term fixtures and are not motivated by a ‘quick fix’. Sometimes the best advice is to wait for more favourable market conditions, particularly if you’re buying an investment rather than a home.

Level the Playing Field

Estate Agents in the UK work solely for the person selling. As such they are duty bound to get as much money as they can, in the most favourable conditions, for their client. Why should buyers not have this level of expertise, proactivity and support at their disposal? Badgemoor clients have the benefit of professional representation which evens the odds. Our duty is to do exactly the opposite to the Estate Agent by securing the best properties for the lowest possible price and representing YOUR interests from start to finish.